The Best of Cuba's International Film School!

With the second annual Havana Glasgow Film Festival in full steam, tomorrow afternoon the CCA will play host to a retrospective of EICTV, Cuba’s international film school, featuring a selection of the best student films to have been produced at this world-renowned school over its 30 year history, plus an introduction from former students and teachers.

EICTV is considered as one of the most important audiovisual film institutions in the world, having been created by the Latin American Cinematography Committee in conjunction with the Cuban government as an affiliate of the New Latin American Cinema Foundation.

Conceived originally for student from Latin America, Afric and Asia, EICTV has as its central philosophy one of ‘learn by doing’, one that is developed thanks to the experience and work of the active film makers who make up its teaching staff. Thousands of students and professionals from over 50 countries have passed through EICTV’s doors, helping to transform the school into a space of supreme cultural diversity that reflects Cuba’s current position in the world as a forward thinking, engaging nation.

“EICTV institution was created by the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature winner, and several Latin American filmmakers such as Glauber Rocha, Fernando Birri, Julio Garcia Espinosa and Tomas Gutierrez Alea.” indicates Hugo Rivalta, co-director of the Havana Glasgow Festival and EICTV alumni.

“Tomorrow’s event will display a variety of many of the best works of graduation. ‘Oscuros Rinocerontes Enjaulados’, La Maldita Circunstancias Del Agua Por Todas Partes’, ‘El Ano Del Puerco’ and ‘Oda A La Pina’ are some of these stories that have won prizes at various national and international festivals, and for the enjoyment of a Glasgow audience.”

As a special offer, one person goes free with any ticket purchased for tomorrow’s event.