Inspiring Pupils

HGFF will give a platform to future interested schools in the international
community to learn from the outcomes of Inspiring Pupils and be a sustainable
resource to build educational capacity through film making and digital literacy.

Young people will continue to learn from Inspiring Pupils through embedding the
model devised in the annual HGFF film festival through a specific pupil film
screening and will focus on the continued development of young people’s
creativity, critical thinking and digital literacy begun through their engagement in
this project.

In particular HGFF will offer future screenings of selected films from the project
to inform and motivate other schools to engage in bringing film making into the
classroom and host their own film screening event.

Capacity building in young people and teachers took the form of skills
development and professional learning enhanced through working with HGFF as
project partners.

This was primarily through the input from Eirene Houston, (an award winning
screenwriter of 25 years experience in film and television) also participating as the
Director of HGFF working directly with schools in Glasgow.

HGFF also offered the expertise of Amparo Fortuny, an experienced and award
winning editor and documentary maker. This professional development was
invaluable. It was an excitement for young people to work with professionals from
the world of film, television and documentaries.

Teachers working with the HGFF team were given the professional opportunity to
gain knowledge and skill in understanding the significance of introducing young
people in classes to the importance of story and following through the complex
elements of film making ,to ensure dialogue with learners and engage their interest
and commitment to the process through active learning in order that learners had
ownership of their creative outputs.

This added an additional dimension to skills development from those learned in the relevant Scottish curriculum experiences and outcomes in digital literacy. Testimony to the enhanced skills in film making gained through professional input from HGFF was during the screened festivals in
each partner country where the pride the young people had in what they had
achieved was obvious as was their confidence in presenting their films and their
demonstration of an enhanced knowledge of the film making process to their
audiences. This was remarkable to see. A quote from one of the particpating pupils
from a Glasgow school summed up the significance of their engagement in
Inspiring Pupils :

“It is about growing together…. the thing that I think is most important is working together as a team because we can’t be left, can we?”