Che Guevara's Daughter at HGFF

The eldest daughter of Cuban revolutionary leader Che Guevara, Aleida Guevara March, will travel to Glasgow in early November, as part of a UK speaking tour to mark the 50th anniversary of her father’s assassination.

The Scottish Cuba Solidarity Campaign and the Havana Glasgow Film Festival today announced that they were delighted that their joint work meant that Aleida Guevara will speak at a rally in Glasgow, and attend a screening of a film about her father on 11 November 2017. Both events will take place in the STUC Centre.

Kath Campbell Scottish Cuba Solidarity Campaign’s development worker said

“Aleida Guevara is a charismatic figure both for Cuba and for the world. The last time she was in Glasgow her rally sold out many times over. She is a first class advocate for Cuba – especially its health record – and campaigner for human rights and developing nations.”

Eirene Houston, Director of the Havana Glasgow Film Festival said

“We had already planned a specific screening on the 11th November of San Ernesto, Born in Higuero – a documentary about the reverence for Che felt by the local villagers where he was shot – so you can imagine how thrilled we are that Che’s daughter is going to be with us on that very day, to mark this anniversary. “

Aleida Guevara, a paediatrician, based at the William Soler Children’s Hospital in Havana is the daughter of Guevara and his second wife, Aleida March.

Che Guevara trained as a doctor and was a comrade of Fidel Castro and a fellow leader of the Cuban Revolution. After a period in key ministries after the revolution he went on to continue his guerrilla career and was captured and shot in Bolivia by the CIA-backed Bolivian army.

Tickets for the SCSC Rally with Aleida Guevara are free (with limited amounts to each applicant) and available here.

The Film Festival starts on Thursday 9 November and runs until Sunday 12. Details of tickets and films will be available at the programme launch in Oran Mor on Thursday 28 September.

This is a rare opportunity to find out about the real Che, behind the legend.