'Our Man in Havana' Coming to Glasgow Part 2

A day before.

My mom, humble woman of 70, has never been on a plane; I yes. For work issues, I have travelled around the island in various aircraft. My mom has never left the country; I too have not, so this evening, -a few hours before my trip to Scotland I take the opportunity to visit I accompanied by my daughters, to clarify these doubts that she is concerned about. “Do you have clothes to be dressed warmly? What do people eat in Glasgow, in addition to meat and fish do they also eat rice and beans like us? Watch what you drink and eat. Did you make a good job to demonstrate yourself there? “

I am 45 years old, and for many years, I work and fight for my life and to support my family. However, it seems that my mother finds it irrelevant, strongly warns me as if I were a child. “Be careful who you hang out with. Be kind to everyone. Look to see the things that you will say about Cuba. “

My daughters like my mother, give me advice, “Make pictures Dad, lots of pictures and dress well, there is not the same as here, you have to walk chic”. The residents of my neighborhood, knowing that I will do this trip, smiling up to me and give me congratulations, because almost never one of us comes out the neigborhood and go to a big city to talk in front many people.

The evening ends, I lunch at home with my family. I get the books that I’ll take on the trip and make the last reviews of the two conferences that I wrote about. It’s less time left to take the plane. At times I feel like an athlete or a soldier, with loads on their backs, with the honor of many people. I just hope things go well.

Wait for me Glasgow.

Hugo Rivalta. October, 25