The Last Country / El Último Pais

Date: Sat 12 Nov 2022
Time: 20:30
Location: CCA

Access Info: Film (CC)

Gretel Marín Palacio I DOC / Brazil / Cuba / Angola 2017 I 70m I Spanish with English subtitles I Doc l N/C 15+

A young filmmaker reveals her conflicting feelings about returning to Cuba after an absence. A moving and beautifully realised film by this talented new director. 

“What seemed to be a trip back to my home country during a time of change turned out to be a journey in self-discovering, amidst the contradictions and the questioning around my Cuban identity….

Living away from Cuba didn’t look dramatic for me, until I began to understand that the country would change and I wouldn’t be there to watch. I knew that we had to open ourselves to the world and renew us, but I was afraid that with this renovation the best system with lots of contradictions and utopias would also fade away. 

I wanted to film that change, wanted to meet with Cubans, talk with them, return to belong. From the outside, things are seen in another way from other points of view. But coming back to Cuba, worried with the changes, made me feel more apart and weird, instead of restore the sense of belonging.”

Gretel Marín Palacio
Access notes: Bright images, flashing lights

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