Hasta Cierto Punto / Up to a Certain Point

16 November, Saturday

18.30 -20.10pm CCA Cinema

Tomás Gutiérrez Alea /1985 / Fiction / 68mins

A clever, self-reflective satire about the battle of the sexes in contemporary Cuba. Oscar, an educated, liberal filmmaker who, in doing research for a film about the social problem of machismo in Cuban society, finds himself falling in love with the sassy, liberated Lina, a sassy, liberated, pioneering female dockworker. What starts out as a funny and tender love story causes chaos as Oscar finds he can’t choose between his wife and his new lover. A film which shows the conflict between ingrained machismo and the idealized image of liberated women under communism. Followed by a panel discussion focusing on gender equality – the ideals vs the reality in Cuba and Scotland.

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