Glaswegian to Cuban Spanish – Learn the Lingo!

¡Qué bola!

Seeing as Havana is being brought to Glasgow this autumn (31st October-8th November) with the 1st Havana Glasgow Film Festival, I thought it would be fun to make a sort of translation guide from Glaswegian speak to Spanish spoken in Cuba and the twin city.

The Spanish that can be heard in Cuba has phrases and aspects of pronunciation that make it stand out from that of other countries, just as there are certain ways of speaking that are unique to Scotland (for example, words that have derived from Scots). Have a go, and see if you can say some of these random phrases…

In Glasgow you might say… In Havana you might say…

Awright mate! ¡Qué bolá asere!

Fur (for) Pa’ (para)

Wee e.g. a wee minute ‘ico’ e.g. un momentico/ un ratico

Tatties Papas

Wheesht! ¡Cállete!

Mate/ pal Socio(a)/chama (young male)

Dear/ doll/hen/ pet Cariño/mi amor

Catch a bus Coger una guagua

Motor (car) Máquina

Nae sweat! ¡No coja lucha!

Scran Jama

Gutties Tenis

Catch ye efter! ¡Ciao!

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit of the lingo, and who knows; maybe you will recognise some of it when you go to see a film at the festival this November (whether that be Glaswegian or Cuban Spanish)!